She'll Learn

A Novel by Sybil Barkley-Staples

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Sybil's Bio
She'll Learn
is the debut novel by Sybil Barkley-Staples


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"Learn to love yourself, before trying to love someone else."

How often does a man go through life feeling as though he'll never find his one and only true love? I'm sure it's not nearly as much as a woman does, especially if she is over the age of thirty and her biological clock no longer sounds like a tick - but an alarm. Maxine is business savvy but man stupid; she sleeps with men without knowing more than their names. Her physical needs take precedent over her emotional needs. Indira is in an abusive marriage with a man she loves dearly. She wanted to one day have children but can't, at least not with her husband since he had a vasectomy before they married. Sydney, on the other hand, is a single-mother still pining for the father of her child. She lives with the hope that one day he'll return to her and their daughter. - business directory - where find the best just got easier

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