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Maxine Harrell owns one of the many hair salons on Detroit's West Side. "Fashion Hair," stands out from all the others and her customers know it. Maxine spent her childhood watching her grandmother transform women from feeling down and out to loving themselves bringing smiles to their faces, all the while supplying some extra income to the household pot. "Doing hair," is her destiny. Still single and knocking on thirty's door, Maxine is desperately searching for someone real to love. With the help of her girl's she'll get by, but staying determined to find happiness.

Indira Carr is well educated, beautiful, the Head Curator at the cities hottest art gallery, and married to one of Detroit's most respected men. She has it all it seems, but her marriage to a man twenty years her senior is turning out to be more than she can handle. Bewildered and torn by her changing predicament, her friends are her only hold to reality. Indira's emotional bank is at an all time low, but a sweet surprise is on the way.

Sydney Carr wants something more dearly, she wants her family back. The man who claimed he loved her more than life itself, then abandoned her while she was pregnant with their daughter, she wants him back. Her holier than thou and deeply religious mother, who kicked her out of the house for being so careless with her life. She wants her back too. As the youngest of the trio, Sydney has matured into an independent woman, who has proven she can take care of herself and a child. But for Sydney, it was more important to prove she could be a good mother, a good wife, and a good daughter. Her faith in God, her father's unconditional love, and her three girls are what keep her going.

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